Vera Cruz Necklace

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Gorgeous Vera Cruz Amethyst Curved Bar Necklace! Your choice of Necklace that is available.

I was so excited to get these beautiful stones! I saw one a few weeks ago and had to find them! I know you will enjoy the Gemstone just as much as I do. It has such a soft, romantic, and feminine feel to them.

The curved bar is handmade and hammered for texture and shape. The length is approximately 2 in. Consider this when ordering your length of necklace. I personally think the necklace looks best a little longer as shown worn in the pictures.

The length pictured is with an 18 in. chain.

The chain hangs down from the bar at its longest at about 1 1/2 in.

The Vera Cruz Amethyst is from Mexico. It is said that it can connect you with your higher self, Opens your heart chakra to divine guidance and love, promotes deep states of meditation, and much more!

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