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Crystal Quartz Earrings Gold

I purchased these earrings for my cousin for her bridal shower. She is always admiring my jewelry (And I am literally always wearing a Leo Eleven piece lol) so I asked her to pick something and this was the item she selected. These earrings are so beautiful and elegant. She ended up wearing them on her wedding day and looked absolutely stunning. ~Lanette

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Double Circle Necklace


I bought this piece because it reminds me of my son. I love the larger circle holding the smaller circle. When I wear this piece, I think of the mother-son bond. I love that the piece can have many meanings to other people and as always the quality is lovely and the piece is unique. ~Kristin

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Labradorite Hexagon Necklace


My necklace was a present from a dear friend. The labradorite is a shimmering, gray-green on a gold chain. It's as beautiful as a star, and it makes me feel beautiful. ~Carolann

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Labradorite Fringe Earrings

Very pretty and lightweight so they don't pull my earlobes down. Fast shipping, good quality, love it! ~Ashley

Never disappointed, Beautiful earrings as usual. ~Tanya

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Long Triple Teardrop Necklace

Beautiful necklace. Owner worked with me to get shipping expedited. Would definitely order from her again. ~Debbie

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Solstice Earrings

These earrings are spectacular! They are so chic and elegant; I feel like a lady with them on. They arrived beautifully packaged and quickly. ~Rose

Absolutely gorgeous! Fine workmanship on these beautifully constructed, lightweight earrings. I'm in love! ~Melissa

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Summer Blues Necklace


My latest purchase. Love the color of the stones! It’s so pretty! 💙💙💙 I wear it so often. ~Lori

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Tourmaline Dewdrop Necklace


This necklace is another staple in my wardrobe. I love how unique Kelly's pieces are and they all make me feel feminine and accessorized, but without being over the top. She is my favorite designer. ~Kristin

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Circle Pearl Drop Necklace

Even more beautiful worn. Always perfect. I am a customer and friend for life. Item is great as well as its creator. ~Judith

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Moonstone Dew Drop Earrings

I have purchased several items from this shop. Each item is beautifully crafted. It looks and feels so nice. It's hard not to smile when you see it on because you feel so pretty. So pleased with my orders. ~Chris

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